SUmmer tour 2017

06/30: Oakland CA, The Metro w/ Altar De Fey, Petheaven, Cruor Incendia
07/01: Los Angeles CA, EL CID w/ Black Mare, Second Still, Glaare
07/02: Tempe AZ, Palo Verde Lounge w/ Vatican Ratlines, Night Curse
07/06: Austin TX, Hotel Vegas w/ Tearful Moon, Book of Shadows
07/07: Dallas TX, Armory DE w/ Mercury Rocket, Polystarra, SRSQ (ex-Them Are Us Too)
07/09: Santa Fe NM, The Underground
07/10: Denver CO, Thee Haus Ov Where w/ Echo Beds, Weathered Statues
07/11: SLC UT, Vague Space w/ Civil Lust, Martian Cult, Tess Comrie
07/12: Boise ID, The Olympic w/ CRY, Miriah
07/13: Seattle WA, The Highline w/ Newaxeyes, Dust Mice
07/14: Olympia WA, The Obsidian w/ Ekstasis, Military Bass
07/15: Portland OR, High Water Mark w/ Vacant Stares, Hail, Tetrad Veil
07/17: Eugene OR, Old Nick’s Pub
07/19: San Francisco CA, Elbo Room w/ Noctooa, Esses, Fearing
07/27: Sacramento CA, The Blue Lamp w/ Hide, Screature