SUmmer tour 2017

06/30: Oakland CA, The Metro w/ Altar De Fey, Petheaven, Cruor Incendia
07/01: Los Angeles CA, EL CID w/ Black Mare, Second Still, Glaare
07/02: Tempe AZ, Palo Verde Lounge w/ Vatican Ratlines, Night Curse
07/06: Austin TX, Hotel Vegas w/ Tearful Moon, Book of Shadows
07/07: Dallas TX, Armory DE w/ Mercury Rocket, Polystarra, SRSQ (ex-Them Are Us Too)
07/09: Santa Fe NM, The Underground
07/10: Denver CO, Thee Haus Ov Where w/ Echo Beds, Weathered Statues
07/11: SLC UT, Vague Space w/ Civil Lust, Martian Cult, Tess Comrie
07/12: Boise ID, The Olympic w/ CRY, Miriah
07/13: Seattle WA, The Highline w/ Newaxeyes, Dust Mice
07/14: Olympia WA, The Obsidian w/ Ekstasis, Military Bass
07/15: Portland OR, High Water Mark w/ Vacant Stares, Hail, Tetrad Veil
07/17: Eugene OR, Old Nick’s Pub
07/19: San Francisco CA, Elbo Room w/ Noctooa, Esses, Fearing
07/27: Sacramento CA, The Blue Lamp w/ Hide, Screature

First Oakland show with Trevor Deschryver (Dispirit, Lycus) on drums! ♥︎

We'll be playing at The Golden Bull in Oakland on Saturday, February 25th and it will be our first Oakland show with Trevor Deschryver (Dispirit, Lycus) on drums! Also playing are SASTRUGA (solo musical endeavor of Sammy Fielding ((Noctooa, Medicine Moon, Madison Mandrake)) and IN APORIA (Dark folk/electronic solo project of Matt Watling ((Headless Lizzy And Her Icebox Pussy, Ehecatl)) ♥︎ 
+ We will be playing at PART TIME PUNKS (The Echo) the next night in Los Angeles (Feb. 26) with KING WOMAN and BRASS BOX ♥︎ 
Hope to see you there Oakland and Los Angeles friends!!!